Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joined a cycling team

To start the new year I joined the Blue Rooster cycling team. Joining the team will help me keep in touch with the upcoming races and keep me motivated during winter training. I rode the first training session with the men but at my age I could not keep up.... When we hit the first climb, I went off the back so fast it probably appeared as though I had rocks in my pockets. There is another team ride on Sunday that is more my pace. The Sunday rides usually begin in Fremont and travel on streets that are completely new to me. The new routes are fun and I am able to stay with the group. Please remember, I'm in the over 60 group.

Today I rode around the north end of Lake Washington and took this picture as I crossed the Montlake Bridge. The air temperature is about 45 degrees and you can see fog in the background. The entire trip was 47 miles and included the Juanita Hill. I did this ride on my 27 pound rain bike. I call this bike "Slim" only because the frame tubes are small in diameter. Fact is, the bike is made of steel and is HEAVY.

For the new year, I purchased a Garmin 705 and starting from January 6th it shows that I have accumulated 374.65 training miles. After each ride I upload the track to Garmin connect and check the average speed, heart rate and distance. The Garmin 705 is a great training aid when all the tools are working. Sometimes, like today, I became absent minded and forgot to put the heart monitor on. It only took me 20 miles from home before I discovered the omission.

And last but not least,

Oh Becky, I send you all of my strength!

Becky has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo. I wish her a speedy recovery. I lost my mother to cancer so I have seen the heart ache this disease causes.