Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Day

It was 33 degrees and lightly snowing when I did my pre-ride around the course at Sprinker Park. This was a long course with muddy corners, short uphill sand pit, short steep run-ups, tricky off camber corner near the back of the course and a long run to the finish with a 90 degree bend just before the line. At the start, I was shaking with cold and was glad to get going. My plan was to try and stay with the leaders but that did not work out because I was cold and stiff. As I warmed up on the course, I started passing people.....then more......then people I had never passed before. The course was rather flat so I got in the big ring and hammered my way around the back side of the course. On the last lap, the only person in front of me from my group fell on the tricky off camber corner near the back fence. I just missed running into him and then kept on trucking. On the stretch to the finish, I did not look back but I knew that someone was very close behind me. I just put my head down and hammered. I came into the last turn very hot, just made the turn and then sprinted for the line. At the finish I was able to hold Richard off for the win. 

My first ever bicycle WIN.

I'm riding on the grass and the fellow to starboard, fell on the tricky corner.

Sand pit.

Here comes Richard.

After returning home, I started cleaning the bike and discovered that I had a dragging brake. Oh fine! 

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