Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little commute, a little fun

This afternoon I hopped on the Cervelo for a little commute to recover the car from the repair shop. When I got to the auto shop they said the car would not be ready until tomorrow. Well, no problem, I'll just double the miles for the day and ride home. I turned around and buzzed through traffic until I got to the Newport Hill and something wonderful happened.

As I started the climb, a mountain biker turned onto my street. When he made the turn he saw me and started going up the hill as fast as he could....GAME ON! He had about a 45 yard head start so I went up two gears and went full gas. I was reeling him in on the steep section and then as I passed him I said, "Hello". He responded, "my excuse is that my bike is heaver". I love catching mountain bikers on the road.

I immediately thought of Brendan who, being a Cat 2, can reel in and pass roadies during his daily commute on his mountain bike.

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