Sunday, October 23, 2011

MFG Marymoor CX race

It rained most of the night so the Marymoor course was wet and deceptively slimy. I got an OK start and then kept a good pace to stay with my group. As we came upon the 45 year old back markers, I found it more difficult than normal to find passing lanes. The course had a narrow sweet spot at race pace. During the second lap just as I approached the turn into the center of the velodrome, two fellows went down in front of me and I lost time but managed to get around them without going down. However, later on that lap, on the back of the course, a racer went down right in front of me and I had nowhere to go. I went down on my left side and slid under the tape. It took me awhile to get up so lots of racers passed me. As I got rolling again to continue the race,  I checked to see if I had damaged my shoulder. Not the best way to finish a CX race but that is the luck of cyclocross. Fortunes will be different next race.

Wet stairs were a new feature for this course and you approached them from a tricky right hand corner and then after the stairs the terrain was slopping which made the remount more difficult.

Here is an example of a fall prior to the stairs. 

This picture shows the muddy trail and wet grass. Notice I've taken a soil sample with my left shoulder.

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