Monday, October 10, 2011

Steilacoom CX

Steilacoom was a tiring race with two stiff climbs per lap. I gained positions on the flat grass and lost some time on the quick turns around the trees. I worked hard during the race and ended up getting 8th place. This year there are several new racers moving from the 45+ to the 55+ group who have pushed me down in the results.

Here is one fast lady who was pressing me from behind. Her technical skills are far better than mine.

It was a little wet and my wife said it was raining. During the race I did not even notice the rain.

This fellow can run the barriers with his eyes closed. Lots of fun. 

I still have not figured out why cyclocross is so much fun. The racers work really hard, many times the courses are challenging but we always come back for more. We race again next Sunday.

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